February in Rang 6 (2)

We were very busy in February learning about Africa, which is where our new novel “Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun” is set. We collaborated on a giant Africa project. Each student in 6th class took a country (or a couple of countries) and prepared their part of the project. When they were ready we put the big jigsaw back together!
We also focused on the theme of “animals” in art. We used oil pastels to create detailed drawings of animal eyes. We also created mixed media African animal silhouettes using paint, collage and fabric. 
In PE, the tag rugby tournament was one of the highlights in 6th class last month. We braved all the weather changes and had great fun! Everyone showed great teamwork and rugby skills. Check out our in action photos and the team photos below.
Finally, we all woke up to a snowy surprise on March 1st! 6th class braved the snow to go outside and take some very unique class photos!

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