Fifth Class 1 Ms A. Cahill

Fáilte go Rang a Cúig (1)  😃

Forest School

5th class 1 has really been enjoying participating in forest school where they have been learning about the natural environment, how to survive in the wilderness, starting fires, carving wood, building structures, cooking, working as a team and tying knots.

Term 2 in 5th class (1) with Ms. A. O’Meara

Fifth Class 1 have had a very busy Term 2! We have been working hard on History Projects based on the Irish Famine which we will be presenting to the class just before Easter. Here you can see us researching this subject using the Chromebooks.   

History- The Industrial Revolution

The children were busy learning about the Industrial Revolution in Britain (1760-1820) during the last few weeks. Each pod researched a different topic to do with the industrial revolution including The Spinning Jenny, The Davy Lamp, Edward Cartwright and living conditions and the spread of