High Hopes Montessori

Welcome to High Hopes Montessori

High Hopes Montessori is a part-time setting which opens from 8:30am – 12:00pm five days a week, term time. We accept children who are at least 2 years and 8 months as they have to be eligible for the ECCE scheme. Our calendar aligns with the calendar of Harold’s Cross Primary School in relation to breaks and holidays. Preschool children have the option of staying until 1:00pm. However, the spaces are limited in this program.

High Hopes Montessori offers the ECCE scheme for one or two years. A light snack is offered to the children in the morning by the service. We deliver the Montessori Curriculum in unison with Aistear: The Early Years Curriculum Framework. In enforcing the quality standards set out under The Siolta Quality Framework, we follow the child’s emerging interests as well as offering extracurricular curriculum including Gymboree sessions, Sensory Yoga, OWLS Visits (where children can learn about nature and our environment), The Cool Food School sessions etc. We are very proud of our graduate lead team of staff who are trained in the following areas: Montessori Curriculum for Preschool level, Primary School Education, Forest School Curriculum, First Aid Responding, Child Protection, Leadership for Inclusion, Fire Marshal Training, Early Years Care & Education, Special Needs Training, LAMH & Hanen Training and Yoga Training.










Our goal at High Hopes is to support the learning, care and development of each individual child by providing a balanced and inclusive approach to the child’s overall well-being. Our mission is to provide a complete emergent and inquiry-based Montessori program which considers the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the total child


We aim to promote a safe, developmentally appropriate environment which respects, supports and celebrates every child’s individual needs, cultures and differences. Diversity, equality and inclusion is central to our practice and care. We offer a safe, healthy and happy environment in which children are encouraged to develop a range of skills in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. To achieve this, we work in partnership with parents, outside agencies, volunteers and the children as part of a multidisciplinary team.


Programme 1: 8:30am to 12:00pm. – 40€ monthly (including ECCE)

Programme 2: 8:30am to 1:00pm. – 140€ monthly (including ECCE)

The deposit to secure a place is 100€. It will be returned to parents when their child is registered on EY Hive.


Click here for a Montessori Application Form

Forms must be submitted prior to 1st September of the previous year the child is due to start. Forms may be submitted a maximum of two years prior to the start date. Example: If you are applying for 1st September 2024, your Application Form will be accepted from 1st September 2022. Application Forms may be submitted at any time of the year during these timeframes. Priority will be given to older children within each category.


Late applications will be entertained, however in this instance, priority will not be given based on age. applications will be added to the end of the wait list in the category that they belong, in the order that they were received.



Places are offered to children in the following order of categories until all places are filled.

  1. Children who are already attending the Montessori facility and wish to stay for a second free year.
  2. Children of Staff Members.
  3. Siblings of children who are currently enrolled in the primary school and qualify for the ECCE scheme.
  4. Children resident within the parish boundaries of Our Lady of the Rosary.
  5. Children resident in the parish of Mt. Argus.
  6. Children of other parishes.


Note 1:  In the event that the number of children exceeds the number of places, older children will be given priority in line with the list of categories.

Note 2: Children whose parents defer a place, will be on the waiting list for the following year if the parents request it.

Note 3: Children who were not offered a place for the current year, can be placed on the waiting list for the following year, if the parents request it.


The first round of preschool places will be offered in January, for the following September. Once a place has been offered to a parent, an acceptance form must be completed and returned along with a deposit of €100 by a specific date to guarantee the child’s place. This deposit is non-refundable should the parent change their mind at a later stage. This €100 will be returned to parents when their child is registered on EY Hive.

All preschool children must be aged 2 years and 8 months or older on September 1st.


If offered a place the following applies:

  • All children must be toilet trained prior to starting in the Montessori. If a child is not trained, the parents will be obliged to remove the child until such time as he/she is trained. They will have to pay the normal fees to maintain that child’s place. In case of a child soiling themselves, the parents will be called to come in and change their child.
  • Parents must inform the manager of the facility of any medical needs, dietary requirements, special needs investigations or allergies that their child has when accepting a place.
  • Parents must submit any reports in respect of the child i.e. psychological, speech and language, occupational therapy reports etc.
  • Parents must inform the manager of any behavioural/emotional conditions the child is presenting with.
  • Parents must sign a Medical Indemnity form in the event that a child must be given medication.
  • A waiting list will be maintained once all places have been filled.