High Hopes Art Club

High Hopes Art Club

High Hopes Art Club is open 5 days a week from 1.10pm to 2.00pm. It was set up to provide support to parents seeking after school support/care for their child/children. It primarily targets those parents who have an older child up the school who would not be going home until 2.10pm. These parents would thus only have one pick up. Only children from junior infants and senior infants are eligible to apply for places in the Art Club. Art Club Application forms are made available every June for the following September. Date to be set after Easter.

Each week, a theme is chosen in the Art Club and a process art is created over the week for children to bring home on a Friday. Themes vary depending on the topic and some of the topics include celebrations/festivals, artist and book inspired, learning a new skill etc.  Some of the benefits of attending our Art Club are:

  • Ignites the creativity.
  • Improves spatial awareness.
  • Boosting memory.
  • Relaxes the mind.
  • Progresses social skills.
  • Learning different art techniques.
  • Enjoy art in a new way.













€120 monthly. There is a sibling discount of €10.
The deposit to secure a place is €100.

Please note: The Art Club is closed for 2 weeks during Christmas and 2 weeks during Easter. It is also closed during all the mid-term breaks