High Hopes Afterschool Club

High Hopes Afterschool Club

High Hopes Afterschool Club is open 5 days a week from 2.10pm to 5.30pm. It was set up to provide support to Parents seeking after school support/care for their child/children. Afterschool admits children from Senior Infants to the 6th class.


Some of the activities that take place in our Afterschool are as follows:

  • Homework assistance
  • Science
  • Multi-sports
  • Drama
  • Soccer

Extra-curricular activities such as art, board games, indoor games, outdoor sports, mindful colouring, yoga, meditation, baking, movie evenings, walks to the park etc


€280 monthly. There is a sibling discount of €15.

            The deposit to secure a place is €100.


Please Note:

The Afterschool Club is closed for 2 weeks during Christmas and 2 weeks during Easter. It is also closed during all the mid-term breaks.

A light snack of crackers, milk, fruits, sandwiches etc that were spared from the school will be available to the Afterschool children. However, they are more than welcome to bring in their own food from home