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School Uniform

Here in Harold’s Cross National School, we expect all children to wear their school uniform with pride. Children must wear the uniform daily. 

Junior and Senior Infants:

Junior and Senior Infants wear the school tracksuit daily. The tracksuit jumper can be bought from O’Neill’s Factory Outlet Shop on the Long Mile Road (01- 429 3558 or 01- 429 3500). Navy bottoms and a light blue polo shirt can be bought from O’Neills, or from Dunnes or Marks and Spencer’s.

First to Sixth Class:

First to Sixth class will wear the school tracksuit only on PE days. For the remaining three school days, they will wear a grey pinafore/trousers, a light blue shirt, a navy tie and a navy school jumper. The navy school jumper can be bought from CLS Embroidery ( Alternatively, a navy v-neck jumper can be purchased and a school crest can be purchased from the school office for €5.

The correct school uniform must be worn at all times. If children are participating in Afterschool Clubs, they must change accordingly for the club. 

Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on each part of their school uniform. We have a lost-and-found area, however this is cleared out regularly. 

Before your child begins in September: 

  • Label everything in a way that your child will recognise (jumpers, coats, lunch boxes, pencil etc.)
  • Coats (please show your child how to put on his/her coat, also how to correct a sleeve if it is inside out and how to hang up his/her coat)
  • Schoolbags (your child needs to be able to open and close his/her own bag and lunch box)
  • Encourage independence by means of tidying up, dressing, messages etc.
  • All long hair needs to be tied up.
  • No jewellery is allowed as these can cause injury during PE and or playtime. (Only simple stud earrings are permitted)

Parental involvement: We have a small number of parents who help out or volunteer for various activities. Some engage in fund raising, some help out with our Reading Support Programme while others share their expertise during Science Week.

Parents and their children: The staff here in Harold’s Cross N.S. is always willing to meet with parents either before or after school. Feedback is regularly provided to parents. For example meetings are held before the implementation of Literacy and Numeracy Power Hour and parents are invited in to receive feedback on their child’s progress on completion. Parents can also phone in to request scores. The Reading and Maths Recovery teachers regularly meet with the parents of the pupils with whom they are working to update them and to provide advice on how best to help their child. Parents are also welcome to ask for a face to face meeting following receipt of end of year reports. All of these meetings take place in the teachers’ own time.

New parents who intend to enrol their child in the school are met with on an individual basis by the principal. An Information Evening takes place in early June to apprise them of what to expect for their child. They receive a comprehensive booklet containing valuable data/insights on the school and a Welcome Pack for their child.

In September of each year parents are invited to a talk given by the principal on “Finding the Right Secondary School”. This is always very well attended.

Measures in place to support a positive school culture – We constantly aim to provide an enriching, supportive learning environment for our pupils. We have a highly committed staff, which works together and share their expertise with each other. Our work is constantly reviewed and adapted to meet the needs of the children. We have lovely enthusiastic pupils and parents who feel they are very much a part of the school community.

The single most important factor in ensuring that a positive culture exists is to ensure that all members of the school community are respected. I believe that most of those connected to our school whether they are parents, pupils or staff feel that their input is valued and that they will always be listened to.

Internet Safety is a huge issue for parents today.
Here are some resources and websites that will help you keep your children safe online.

ZEEKO Internet Safety Information

Smartphones for Kids  (click on the link to read the article)

Zeeko-Internet-Safety-Guide (click on the link to download the pdf)

This is the Irish Internet Safety free online resource for parents and teachers. They have a huge range of resources available including explanations of current trending apps (what they can do, how to ensure your child is using them safely, potential for cyber-bullying etc.), ‘how to…’ step by step instructions (eg. blocking, setting parental controls) and advice pages on how to talk about different internet issues with your child etc. There are also videos explaining different internet issues.

Click on the link below to go directly to the parents homepage:


Internet Safety Advice: Top Tips for Parents

The Webwise parent handbook is available here:

WebWise Parent Handbook

The Office for Internet Safety

The Department for Justice and Equality website to tackle internet safety issues is full of advice and resources for parents. They have produced 4 booklets in the ‘Get With It’ series to assist parents in keeping children safe online (available below)

Get With It Booklets:

Social Networking

Filtering Technologies

Dealing with New Media


Safer Internet Day

The Safer Internet Day parents page provides links to useful articles, resources and games for parents

click on the images below for more parents tips:

Gooseberry Planet

This is an app where children play games to learn about internet safety. There is an accompanying parent app where you can monitor their progress and see the choices they are making. The company also provide fortnightly alerts covering a range of topical internet safety issues.