Science week in 6th 2

We have had great fun this week taking part in all the workshops organised by Ms Murray.


On Monday we did the science quiz with 5th and 6th classes. Sheehan was on the winning team and Gustavs was on the team that came 3rd. Well done boys!


On Tuesday we had a codebreaking workshop where we learned all about Bletchley park and the code breakers who cracked the Enigma code during WW2. We had to decipher morse code to work out where and when the Germans would attack!

On Wednesday we were trained up in first aid and we created artwork based on the building blocks of life – the cells.

Thursday was the most exciting day. We got to see Dave and all his jungle creatures – Sean the snake, Tracy the tarantula and Patrick the chameleon (who loved dancing and climbing up people’s hair!)



In the afternoon we put our engineering skills to the test to try and create flood defences.


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