September 2023

Art: Our whole-school art focus for term 1 is on Cubism/Fauvism. We have been busy exploring the work of a very famous artist called Henri Matisse. Matisse had a very unusual style called ‘Drawing with Scissors’. Here we are creating our own Matisse inspired scissor drawings.

PE: In PE we are currently working on the Outdoor and Adventure Strand with Mr. Glynn on Tuesdays. On Fridays we have been working on the Games Strand and have been having tennis lessons with our outside coach, Eve. We have been really enjoying working on our fundamental movement skills as part of our PE lessons. Here are some photographs of us in action.

Wellbeing: Each Wednesday we take part in ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’. We have been exploring what the word ‘wellbeing’ means and we have been looking at ways to help focus on our general wellbeing. We completed some meditation activities and have been carrying out some simple yoga activities. Here we are listening to a mindful meditation.

Gaeilge: We have been focusing on the theme of ‘Mé Féin’ for the month of September. We played a fun game using loop cards to help us remember the  different body parts.

Maths: During our maths lessons, we have been focusing on combining and partitioning. We have been looking at different ways to make a variety of 2digit numbers. Here we are using counters to see what different ways that we could come up with.

Show and Tell: Here we are learning all about deer antlers!


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