September in Junior Infants 2

A big well done to Junior Infants 2 and to you parents for making it past month one! What a wonderful month we had. The children are getting to know one another and really and truly have settled in so well to the school. Have a look through our galleries to see some of the many things we got up to in September.

We started Aistear this month and did the theme of the Doctor. We had a Role Play station, a Junk Art/ Creative Station, a Small World station and a Construction station. They learned words such as thermometer, receptionist, stethoscope, injection, syringe, bandage and so on…

In Maths, we began the Ready Set Go maths programme. the children worked in small groups with myself and two SET teachers on the topics; 2D shape, number, pattern, and sorting.

The children have been working hard at their fine motor skills to help strengthen the small muscles in their hands and fingers. We have done activities such as threading, peg boards, playdoh, lollipopstick builds, and pompom and tweezers!!!


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