Term 1 in 3rd class 2

In Rang a Trí 2…

We have been attending Irish dancing lessons with an external coach. We are really enjoying this!

We have been reciting poems. Our favourite poem so far was On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Mulligan! 

We have been completing our Touch Typing. We are working very hard on this and we are currently typing at a class average of 12 words per minute! Well Done Rang a Trí 2! 

We have started working on our new writing genre which is explanation writing. Last week, we were reading an example text of how chocolate was made. This week we are going to be writing our own explanation texts about How Úr na Gaeilge works!

We are really enjoying doing gymnastics every Tuesday. We have been practicing our animal walks, our pencil rolls and egg tuck rolls. We are looking forward to seeing how we progress through the next few weeks!

We learned a lot about The Solar System in January. We completed mini projects on the solar system. For drama we pretended we were the different planets communicating with each other. We had an inflatable solar system that helped us to bring this drama to life! 

Wellbeing Week: We participated in yoga, a whole school walk. We completed a chair triathlon, mindfulness colouring and we gave each other lots of nice compliments. We danced the week away with go noodle and just dance for movement breaks! 

We have been recording the weather regularly. We learned about different clouds and their names. One day we went cloud spotting! 

That’s all for now.

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